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Are you feeling confused about how to get verified on Instagram? There’s a simple way to request verification. Let’s walk you through how to get the blue badge on this social media platform. The end result will be improved notoriety, views and engagement.

The Verification Process

Pay attention to one key point before following these steps toward verification and working on your own influencer status. Ensure that you’re logged into the correct account. For instance, don’t mistakenly get yourself logged into your personal account when you need to work on your business account.

Then, go through these steps:

  • Tap on the profile pic to get to your profile page
  • In the top-right corner section of your profile, tap on the menu icon
  • Look for the settings icon in the bottom-right area. Select it and then tap Account
  • Select “Request verification”

You’re not quite a verified IG influencer yet. IG moderators need to look at your account and everything you submitted first. The process might take a few weeks. Once approved for verification, you’ll receive a message inside the app with either acceptance or denial. Don’t get worried if you’re denied. You can try again after a month passes.

Lastly, tap the Send button. This sends over your request.


Is That it?

The next step in your marketing strategy is to create a business account on Instagram. If you don’t do this, you’ll miss out on all the tools available to you through this platform, like the ability to promote your ads. You will also not be able to ensure that you reach individuals who fit the demographics you are hoping to capture. The more effective you are at finding the right people, the more engagement you’ll see, which is the key to your success.


Additional Tips for IG Verification

Keep in mind that most accounts passing through the verification process have many followers or a recognizable brand. This doesn’t mean you need a lot of followers to join them.

Here are the official IG standards to follow:

  • Be careful to follow the Community Guidelines set forth by this social media platform.
  • You can’t be a parody account. There must be a real organization or person behind the account.
  • You need to have some notoriety. Take time to build a brand that’s searched for often, generally well known and has obtained features inside several news sources.
  • Don’t request verification on more than one account per person or business.
  • Complete your profile 100% before making the request.
  • Your account must be public.
  • Your request will get denied if you link to other social platforms.


Is IG Verification Worth the Time?

Your goal for verification shouldn’t be only about looking cool. There are three main reasons why you need to obtain the blue badge.

  • This process proves to the world that you and your content are newsworthy. It means many independent news sources have provided you an appearance and that people now want to copy your success.
  • Improve your Instagram SEO. The blue check on your account means you will now rank better in the IG search results. You’ll gain an SEO “leg up” on other accounts that don’t have the clout or content necessary to win the verification game.
  • Keep imposters and copycats at bay. The blue badge helps anyone looking for your organization to know that they’ve landed on the proper account.

 You now have the knowledge necessary for properly validating your IG account. Take the time to get it done. The result is more views, clicks and engagement for your Instagram account.