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Over 2 million businesses connect with people on Instagram. People consume with their eyes before anything else, and are, above all, visual beings. That’s why Instagram is a great marketplace. Although Instagram was created with the purpose of posting pictures, Instagram Stories turned out to be the most successful feature, as it can drive more engagement and followers than any other features.

However, right now many people aren’t experiencing this steep increase in their engagement. If you want to get the most out of your Instagram stories and improve your engagement in social media, here are some tactics that you can start implementing:

Encourage Conversation in Private With Direct Messages

To increase your reach and become favored by the platform’s algorithm, encourage your followers to contact you privately. This channel should always be at your customers’ reach. The possibility of messaging you directly can increase your brand’s loyalty considerably.

To have engagement in social media there must be an active and consistent connection between two or more individuals. In order to make your marketing strategy thrive, your customers need to feel they are speaking to an actual person.

Include Prompts in Your Stories

Make sure that you put indications on your stories to let people know what you are talking about.

This is for two reasons; first you can intrigue followers and potential followers to stay watching your content for longer. Second, your followers can understand what you are talking about if they have their phone mute or if you have a lot of content.
You want your prompts to include short call-to-action phrases to ensure your audience is intrigued to go and visit and explore your profile.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Even if you are using Instagram as part of a bigger marketing strategy, you must not forget the fact that you are in a social media platform. The commercial purpose doesn’t entail leaving creativity aside. On the contrary, you want to try what creators are using: play with fonts, background music, collages.

Be innovative and carefree when creating your Instagram stories, if you get monotonous, your audience will probably ignore your contents and unfollow you.

Make People Want to Screenshot Your Stories!

A way to increase your Instagram profile visits is by creating “screenshot-table” stories. This means creative content that tempts followers to take screenshots in order for them to easily share. You can create a story contest, starting with your own as an example and then encourage your followers to share their own experiences. You can give a piece of your brand as a reward to the winner.

Another option is to encourage your followers participation by asking questions and posting their answers. It’s likely that they will include a screenshot of the response that mentions them on their own story.

Draw Attention With Stickers and Animations

Utilize every tool that the platform offers to catch the eye and increase the engagement in your stories. Stickers and gifs for instance, are fun and draw the audience’s attention easily.

The algorithm that Instagram uses to rank your posts bases its decision on your level of engagement you have with your followers. The higher you rank, the more visibility and possibilities of gaining new users you have.

You can choose from a variety of stickers to encourage your followers’ participation. The quiz and poll for instance, let your followers share their opinion. And this is something that customers will appreciate, having the possibility to express their opinion.

You can also ask questions regarding your customers’ experience with your brand. You make a question and they answer. You can then respond to drive publicly to drive a conversation.

Tell Your Audience a Story

To reach more people, deliver your message just like you tell a story. Be innovative and fresh to keep the audience engaged and give the feeling that you are offering help.