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If you are looking to grow your business online, IG presents as an inexpensive and powerful channel to develop an e-Commerce. Use the following tips to learn how to start using Instagram as a tool for your small business.

Set Your Profile to Business Account

Switching to a business account is the first step to developing an e-Commerce. Instagram easily imports contact data from Facebook onto your business account and keeps the shopping links intact. Instagram’s purpose is to help grow brands inside the platform and it can also help you to increase your following by promoting posts.

Give Support to Your Campaigns with Other Apps

Hashtags are very useful to run successful campaigns. Inselly gives you a hand with this. When using this software, Inselly inserts their own hashtag providing your audience with products marked as buy able items.

Yotpo lets your customers visit a store through your link-in-bio. It also allows you to use a single image to connect multiple products together. You need to showcase all your products and create the appearance of a full clickable storefront when using IG.

There are also more tools to discover, according to your needs and budget. Investigate and analyze well before getting any.

Keep Your Profile and Posts Visually Attractive

You want to use appealing images and also ensure an impressive experience when users visit your profile. Make sure that each of your images respect the platform’s dimensions: 1080×1080 for the images on the platform. Stories are different.

The captions’ maximum length is 2200. You can include your brand’s domain site, name and logo as a watermark on your images. Bear in mind that IG cuts images into a square to know where to place it. This is a soft approach as customers can see where to buy without having any pushy call-to-action.

Encourage User-Generated Content

Encourage your customers to create their own content for your brand. Ask permission to re post any of these contents they create on your own account. When other users see photos of other users using products makes them more excited to visit the brand’s site or buy the product.

Use Hashtags to Expand Your Reach

Marketing on this platform is not only about the contents you share. Include hashtags on each one of your posts to reach more accounts and get more traffic. These hashtags fit your posts into relevant categories where the users that follow them can access your posts.

Use Influencers to Reach New Users

IG is full of popular creators of different categories to select from. You can easily find an opinion leader inside your niche to help you connect with your target audience. This is an effective way of delivering your message and driving traffic to your e-Commerce, as Influencers have the trust of their followers. You can learn how Influencer marketing can help your small business nowadays in this article.

Create Promotions with Influencers

You can easily share promo codes through Influencers campaigns, keeping track of each campaign easily. On their side, this will give them more engagement with their audience. On your side it will allow you to promote sales to your online store as well as attracting new customers.

Use Advertising on Instagram for Your Small Business

The advertising platform presents as a great and inexpensive opportunity to expand your reach to new customers. Here are some reasons why:

  • IG visitors spend more time inside the platform than Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest users.
  • Your audience will remember your ads for longer. IG’s ads show an ad recall rate that almost triplicates the ones obtained on other social media platforms.
  • Instagram’s branded content gets a lot of engagement and is working better than Twitter or Facebook. The app allows you to create branded content easily.

To learn more about advertising on social media, read our guide for SM Ads.

Run Giveaways

Contests & giveaways expands the reach of your promotion and discounts campaigns massively. This will increase store conversions and help with your engagement.

Learn How to Use Instagram Tools & Exploit Your Small Business’s Potential

Take these steps into consideration when planning your marketing strategy on Instagram. The platform has great tools for developing your e-commerce easily and getting better results for your advertising campaigns. Start planning your strategy and begin!