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Social media platforms are powerful channels for developing a business, as you can connect with customers directly in a less intrusive way. If you are not present in platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you are losing a big opportunity. Both your customers and competition are there.

But before you get into this channel, there are a few factors to consider as you work on different ways to engage with your audience and increase your brand’s awareness.


The following tips are designed to introduce your entrepreneur brand successfully into social media platforms:



    Consider what’s happening around your industry and audience. Pay attention to any current events happening in the cities and countries you operate in or anything that could affect your customers directly or indirectly. It’s important to keep sensitive without leaving your business behind. Sometimes it’s better to respect your target audience’s timings. It can benefit your business considerably.

    Understanding how your target feels allows you to create personalized content that the audience will feel identified with.



    When working on these platforms it is really easy to get lost, going unnoticed easily or using wrong tactics. Saturation, competition, wrong timings are some factors that can take you out of the way. To avoid this, work with a purpose and defined objectives.

    Before logging on for example, identify the purpose and define the task that needs to be done. Logging off after accomplishing it.

    The key is to have an intention and set your time. It can be either to interact with your customers and new accounts or doing a IG Live on a certain topic. Complete it and log out. If you don’t use the platform wisely, it can be harmful. Use it in the way it’s intended and your business will be benefited.



    These platforms offer great features like Live streaming or IGTV that work very well with increasing users’ engagement, as they can actively participate.

    It’s very important to have a clear idea of what you will be talking about before getting on camera, especially if you are a little apprehensive about doing it. Write down your key ideas and start with them. After you cover with those points, you can let your audience make questions or give opinions.

    Make sure you greet your guests as they join, calling them by their SM handles. This will make them feel more obligated to stay and communicate with you. To increase engagement with your followers, ask them questions that actually need answers.



    It’s important to connect with more experienced and influential users as you are making your way into these platforms. They can help you increase your reach easily as they have bigger and more engaged audiences. Find influencers that have collaborated with brands that go in line with your own and reach them out to do brand collaborations and ambassadorships.



    Offering value is one of the most important concepts on these platforms. You want to cultivate your own opinion and personal brand, that provides your followers with a unique value, something that others can’t offer.

    Identify which content your followers respond better to and find ways to rephrase your top performing posts. As you discover what works best for your audience, design new ways of inspiring them individually. If they feel truly identified with it, they will share it. This triggers a “snowball effect” that can connect with new customers. Encourage your followers to take a step to keep them engaged: comment, like, share, etc.


To Become a Successful Social Media Entrepreneur:


Making mistakes and learning is part of developing your entrepreneurship. Either a misunderstanding that requires an apology or a misleading post that asks for an answer, try to understand where your failures are, find solutions and keep working on your strategy.

Connect with your customers to bring the best out of your efforts. They have most of the answers for what they need. Before you notice, you’ll create a loyal and profitable community.