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If you are trying to implement Social Media into your marketing strategy, and you are disappointed with its results so far, consider these six best SEO for Social Media practices. They will help you gain engagement with your audience and assist you in strengthening relationships with existing customers.


  1. Consistency

    The first thing that you need to do is post regularly. Find out what platforms your audience is using and make it a point to be found there when they are most likely to be online. In most industries, if your business is selling directly to consumers, you need to post between 8 AM and 3 PM on Wednesday and do supplemental postings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can use a social media scheduler if you are not available during those times. If your business sells to other companies, then statistics show that you are more likely to engage your audience on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 5 PM and on Fridays at 8 AM.


  3. Create Engaging Content

    Every post that you make or picture that you add to Instagram should aim to drive engagement with those who may be interested in the products or services that you sell. Never overlook the power of YouTube as a social media platform because it can be a potent asset for your company. Think outside the box when creating engaging content to post on different platforms. Consider inspiring viewers with short animated GIFs and videos or find content that will be educational to your viewer.


  5. Employ Keywords

    Just like with other SEO techniques, start by choosing keywords to include in almost every post that your audience would use to describe your business if they could not think of your company’s name. If you are a local business, consider using keywords in your social media campaign that contain your business location, or you will find yourself competing against those with much more experience and a larger budget. Try to work your keyword into your photo tags or your post headlines. Use the most pertinent ones within your company description. Be careful, however, that the keyword does not look forced into your social media content.


  7. Use Images

    Whenever you design a social media campaign, spend time choosing the right images to illustrate your ideas as they will drive engagement. A powerful image can stop people from scrolling and capture their attention. Posts containing images are much more likely to be shared. Pick images where your viewer can imagine themselves in the picture or that includes people that look like your target audience. You should consider the platform before choosing your image. For example, closeup images do best on Instagram while those showing more background do better on Pinterest. Choose images that are unique and try to use the same type of image in all your posts so that your target audience learns to recognize your style to build your trustworthiness.


  9. Roll With the Times

    Social media is always changing, so be prepared to roll with the times as SEO techniques change. This will help you create fresh social media content that your audience will want to share with their friends. Also, tying your post in a positive way into something that is happening nationally will encourage others to share your posts. Be careful, however, to not alienate part of your audience because they do not agree with your political or religious point-of-view. What works today may not be the best SEO practices tomorrow.


  11. Encourage Readers to Connect on Other Platforms

    Just like your company should not be relying solely on one social media platform, your audience probably does not rely only on one platform. Therefore, you should encourage your audience to connect with you on other platforms so that they continually see your social media marketing.


SEO Tips for Soial Media

Keeping these 6 facts in mind will help you improve the SEO for your Social Media marketing strategy, and give significant support to your brand awareness campaigns. Consider which areas you need to improve on most and put your efforts there first.